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Ticket number: 177010BRF5S

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The ticket number is password for viewing the ticket.
The ticket is a proof for those who receive the ticket number before the drawn date.
Type: Pick items
• Items:
Grim Dawn
Hearthstone (Tournament - Wild Common cards only)
Pokemon Showdown (Tournaments - Randoms, Type, Normal)
DC Deckbuilder (Tabletop Simulator)
Atlas Reactor
Joking Hazard (Tabletop Simulator)
• Number of items to pick: 1
Description: Weekly Game Night #6
Drawing: Manually
Created at: 2016-12-08 20:19:42
Created by IP:


Stat: sum=2, avg=2.00
Drawn at: 2016-12-08 20:19:47
Drawn by IP:
place #1:   Pokemon Showdown (Tournaments - Randoms, Type, Normal)