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Ticket number: 91184NYVA2

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The ticket number is password for viewing the ticket.
The ticket is a proof for those who receive the ticket number before the drawn date.
Type: Pick items
• Items:
Cathy Ryan
Marjorie Mallon
Adele Marie Park
Sherry Kessler
Kathleen Mug Chmielewski
Eileen Figel
Mary Lanigan Russo
Susie Lindau
Mary Smith
Nocholas Rossis
Bun Karyudo
Vicki Turner Goodwin
Suzanne Joshi
Toby Veale
Esther Muhr
Georgia Rose
Helga Koke Thompson
Jessie at behind the willow
Patricia Sands
First night design
Sue Vincent
cindy knoke
marcia meara
Rosie Amber
Teagan Geneviene
D. Parker
Judith Barrow
Iona Morrison
Linda Huber
Porter Girl
Crystin Goodwin
Don Massenzio
Amir H Ghazi
• Number of items to pick: 1
Description: Contest for designer bracelet for NULL CITY likes
Drawing: Manually
Created at: 2016-06-10 15:59:53 UTC Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)


Drawn at: 2016-06-10 16:00:13 UTC Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
place #1:   Ritu